Thursday, December 4, 2014

This Thursday: Good Hair Day

Way back when this blog was first getting off it's feet, Dot posted about how she used plaits to make her hair wavy without heat. Here's what happened when I tried it!

I'm not great at taking selfies... awkward stare!

If you didn't catch that post, then the trick is to sleep with plaits in your hair. My hair is naturally a bit wavier than Dot's and so I ended up with curls that more closely resembled ringlets than waves. Still absolutely gorgeous result though!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

OOTD: Way back in Winter!

This outfit is actually from sometime in winter but it's really cute. I definitely didn't want to wait till next winter to share it! The photo was taken in my room but the outfit was for going out to eat. Nowhere fancy, obviously, as it's so casual. We were going to be eating outside so I made sure to rug up. The jumper and beanie are slightly oversized however they're really comfortable. I think it makes me look like some kind of artistic soul and really enjoy this. The only thing that I would change if I were to wear it again is the shoes. My black boots really blend into the black skinnies. My funds are limited and so, at the time, that was it! The other problem being lots of shoes are uncovered and my toes get a little chilly.


Please excuse the mess in my room! The towel is actually for 'sound-proofing' my room. I have a lot of housemates and sometimes it can get a bit loud, so the buffer is really nice. The other stuff is art supplies I hadn't quite got around to putting away. I should of set up my supplies and taken some kind of 'theme' shot to go with my artsy outfit but.. it's a bit late now!