Sunday, June 29, 2014

OOTD: The Windproof Anorak

The past few days in Sydney have been incredibly windy - sleeping at night with the wind howling and rustling the trees outside can be a little unnerving. But thankfully, during the day I have an amazing anorak that I bought in Hong Kong last year which blocks the wind from my body. It's one of the thickest jackets I own, it's lined with fleece, covers my tush and has big, deep pockets and a hood. What's not to love?

EBAY Creepers, SPORTSGIRL Beanie

I'm unsure if the jacket itself is 'branded' or not, since the patch there is so wonderfully spelled. But I picked this baby up in the Ladies Market a year ago with the help of my mums haggling skills. She got the price down from $500HKD to $320, which is amazing! I kept the top of my head warm with this super cute beanie from sportsgirl, beanies are honestly one of the greatest things for covering up a bad hair day.

What sorts of things are in your outfit arsenal on a cold and windy day? I love how secure and warm I feel in a giant jacket, even if it can potentially swallow you up a little.

Until next time,

Saturday, June 28, 2014

An experiment

I think I'd like to try something new here. Until Keyys gets back and we can discuss this properly, I'd like to do a little experiment. Blogging can sometimes be a difficult thing, especially if you post often. Sometimes I find myself at a loss to what I should talk about, or what kinds of things I should be looking into next. I have a constant stream of inspiration in my mind that I like to document from time to time, but actually posting something about it can be a challenge, especially when I prefer to use my own photos when posting content.

Having said this, I think for the time being, I'm going to go wild. I'm going to post what I like, as often or as little as I'd like, until Kelly gets back. Sometimes I find sticking to a schedule a little restricting and I want to open the doors a little to some more varied content in the blog as well. Hopefully you'll all be happy to read along with me on this one :)

Until next time,

Monday, June 23, 2014

OOTD: A typical day at uni

Yeah, I forgot to post yesterday.....*runs and hides in shame*

I wanted to post an outfit today of something a little more streamlined, a little more casual and much more relaxed then a lot of the outfits I post here. The truth is I'm at uni 5 days a week, and in terms of practicality that can make it hard to wear something elaborate or fancy. In light of this, I wanted to show you all the kind of look I have been going for in general the last few weeks of uni:

Those jeggings have finally died on me - there are holes on the back where my pockets are, and they're no longer wearable. I also recently had my absolute favourite pair of black skinny jeans ever wear out on me - there's a large fray where my bottom is and my mum informed me its not fixable. So I guess this gives me a great reason to go shopping soon >:)

I'm generally very laid back when I go to uni - jeans and a shirt, sometimes I'll pick a pair of combat boots or my hellraisers if I'm especially daring, and if it's cold I don't leave the house without a scarf. This particular one has been in my collection for about 5 years now and still going strong.

What kind of style do you have when you're at school? Are you able to dress freely, are there any dress codes you have to follow, or do you feel like you're less adventurous with your clothing choices for practicality?

Until next time,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quick Wishlist Thoughts: Tote bags

Over the last weekend I had completely cleaned out my wardrobe - I share it with my sister and I think we removed probably 3 garbage bags worth of clothing. We threw out a bunch of clothes that were no longer wearable and will most likely be thrown out completely, and kept some clothes to donate or to give to friends and family through clothes swaps. After cleaning out my wardrobe so dramatically, I have finally realized I have enough clothes to probably last me the rest of the year without buying much at all.

So I will now probably turn my attentions to accessories, jewellery, hats, shoes and of course, bags. Because who could possibly have enough of any of these things?!

I made a quick collage on Polyvore of some of the shapes and styles of bags I have been looking to add to my collection of bags. A lot of the bags I do have currently are mostly small cross body bags, book bags and backpacks of various sizes. I have wanted a shiny new grown-ups tote bag for the longest time, because there's just something about hanging a nice tote bag on your arm that's just so fabulous and professional.

Bags wishlist

I think my ultimate or dream tote bag would be a very classic Prada or Michael Kors bag - they're so timeless and go with almost any outfit. But from this polyvore set it is pretty clear the sort of shape I am looking for - something quite structured and boxy, because I think it's very versatile and just......*salivates*

A lot of the Australian brands I have been looking at include Colette, and Forever New. Both brands have a great variety of tote bags at a fraction of the price. I still remember this one bag in Forever New I never managed to save enough money for before it disappeared off the was a gorgeous long rectangular tote bag, made with a burgundy pony fur. Yes, I just said burgundy pony fur. I still dream about it, not going to lie.

What sorts of things are in your wishlist at the moment? Are you a brands kind of person or is that not an issue?

Until next time,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This Thursday: Mini Haul

I wanted to quickly share a kind of mini haul for you all today - despite it being winter at the moment, I've been itching for some new sunglasses. I hopped on ebay and bought both pairs for roughly $15 each, which is a bargain. I got them in the mail pretty quickly after I bought them (a week after payment) and they're quite sturdy, and good quality for the price. I also included my dangerfield hat here, which I bought on sale for a nice $25

What sorts of pieces are on your wishlist at the moment? Anything you've bought recently?

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We are back! OOTD: Remnants of Summer

Well, half of us is back (is? are? half of us....return?) - Dot here, and I am one lucky duck this semester, I don't have any exams!

So while the rest of my friends and Keyys have to endure exam period, lucky me gets to take over a little bit for the blog. Although this post doesn't exactly fit with our regular posting schedule, I figured since our hiatus announcement was almost exactly a month ago to this day, it's pretty fitting.

I thought I'd bring us back to regular posting with an outfit! I wore this outfit many a month ago, before winter hit us like a slap in the face.....we had an unseasonally (is that a word? My English today.....) warm autumn, temperatures hit up to 30 occasionally. I took this opportunity to bust out as much of my summer gear as possible before it finally started to settle into much cooler temperature:

Ladakh Floral Leotard, Dotti Shorts, Ebay creepers and sunnies and Dangerfield hat

Hats - who knew right?! I've gotten very attached to this hat I bought for sale at Dangerfield, its incredibly cute and a fun way to keep my face out of the sun. I thought my outfit was a little too feminine to my tastes hence the creepers, and I threw on a generic cardigan to tie it altogether and to keep me warm if I need it when the AC is blasting indoors.

So I guess that's it for our first post back! You'll be seeing much of me until Keyys finishes her exams - we haven't seen each other in a while but we plan on meeting up so maybe we'll take some sneaky outfit photos together while we're at it.

To finish off with a question for you all, what sort of mindset do you have when seasonal changes are happening from summer to winter? Winter to summer? Do you get excited to try new trends, or do you cling on as long as you can to the current season?

Until next time,