Sunday, June 29, 2014

OOTD: The Windproof Anorak

The past few days in Sydney have been incredibly windy - sleeping at night with the wind howling and rustling the trees outside can be a little unnerving. But thankfully, during the day I have an amazing anorak that I bought in Hong Kong last year which blocks the wind from my body. It's one of the thickest jackets I own, it's lined with fleece, covers my tush and has big, deep pockets and a hood. What's not to love?

EBAY Creepers, SPORTSGIRL Beanie

I'm unsure if the jacket itself is 'branded' or not, since the patch there is so wonderfully spelled. But I picked this baby up in the Ladies Market a year ago with the help of my mums haggling skills. She got the price down from $500HKD to $320, which is amazing! I kept the top of my head warm with this super cute beanie from sportsgirl, beanies are honestly one of the greatest things for covering up a bad hair day.

What sorts of things are in your outfit arsenal on a cold and windy day? I love how secure and warm I feel in a giant jacket, even if it can potentially swallow you up a little.

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  1. Your jacket is lovely and how awesome that you got it at such a great price! That hat is just perfect with it! It has been crazy windy here the past few days too, I sure hope it stops so I can take some pictures outside soon!