Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We are back! OOTD: Remnants of Summer

Well, half of us is back (is? are? half of us....return?) - Dot here, and I am one lucky duck this semester, I don't have any exams!

So while the rest of my friends and Keyys have to endure exam period, lucky me gets to take over a little bit for the blog. Although this post doesn't exactly fit with our regular posting schedule, I figured since our hiatus announcement was almost exactly a month ago to this day, it's pretty fitting.

I thought I'd bring us back to regular posting with an outfit! I wore this outfit many a month ago, before winter hit us like a slap in the face.....we had an unseasonally (is that a word? My English today.....) warm autumn, temperatures hit up to 30 occasionally. I took this opportunity to bust out as much of my summer gear as possible before it finally started to settle into much cooler temperature:

Ladakh Floral Leotard, Dotti Shorts, Ebay creepers and sunnies and Dangerfield hat

Hats - who knew right?! I've gotten very attached to this hat I bought for sale at Dangerfield, its incredibly cute and a fun way to keep my face out of the sun. I thought my outfit was a little too feminine to my tastes hence the creepers, and I threw on a generic cardigan to tie it altogether and to keep me warm if I need it when the AC is blasting indoors.

So I guess that's it for our first post back! You'll be seeing much of me until Keyys finishes her exams - we haven't seen each other in a while but we plan on meeting up so maybe we'll take some sneaky outfit photos together while we're at it.

To finish off with a question for you all, what sort of mindset do you have when seasonal changes are happening from summer to winter? Winter to summer? Do you get excited to try new trends, or do you cling on as long as you can to the current season?

Until next time,

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