Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quick Wishlist Thoughts: Tote bags

Over the last weekend I had completely cleaned out my wardrobe - I share it with my sister and I think we removed probably 3 garbage bags worth of clothing. We threw out a bunch of clothes that were no longer wearable and will most likely be thrown out completely, and kept some clothes to donate or to give to friends and family through clothes swaps. After cleaning out my wardrobe so dramatically, I have finally realized I have enough clothes to probably last me the rest of the year without buying much at all.

So I will now probably turn my attentions to accessories, jewellery, hats, shoes and of course, bags. Because who could possibly have enough of any of these things?!

I made a quick collage on Polyvore of some of the shapes and styles of bags I have been looking to add to my collection of bags. A lot of the bags I do have currently are mostly small cross body bags, book bags and backpacks of various sizes. I have wanted a shiny new grown-ups tote bag for the longest time, because there's just something about hanging a nice tote bag on your arm that's just so fabulous and professional.

Bags wishlist

I think my ultimate or dream tote bag would be a very classic Prada or Michael Kors bag - they're so timeless and go with almost any outfit. But from this polyvore set it is pretty clear the sort of shape I am looking for - something quite structured and boxy, because I think it's very versatile and just......*salivates*

A lot of the Australian brands I have been looking at include Colette, and Forever New. Both brands have a great variety of tote bags at a fraction of the price. I still remember this one bag in Forever New I never managed to save enough money for before it disappeared off the was a gorgeous long rectangular tote bag, made with a burgundy pony fur. Yes, I just said burgundy pony fur. I still dream about it, not going to lie.

What sorts of things are in your wishlist at the moment? Are you a brands kind of person or is that not an issue?

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