Sunday, March 23, 2014

OOTD: Fun & Frizzy

There's a constant war against frizzy hair, be it by the use of products or straighteners or some quick fix methods. My hair's naturally quite frizzy and while I do succumb to the pressure sometimes it seems a bit silly. This outfit was designed to work with the natural way my hair falls when it's out. 

Close up of cute bangle set
I didn't think it want to over-complicate this look, keeping it pretty simple with just a set of bangles to compliment the silver buckle of the belt. That's all the ornamentation I wanted as my frizzy hair captures a lot of attention here.

Next time I would definitely consider either sheer stockings or more flashy shoes though the black does match the belt quite nicely. An interesting note on the belt is that here it is actually on backwards - the front has a bit of an odd red design which made it quite difficult for me to style. After cutting off the label, I find myself wearing it backwards a lot more than I ever did when I wore it right way round!

Overall, I was really happy with this look. It's simple but still fun and I think the frizziness of my hair actually adds to the style rather than detracts from it. What do you think? Is it necessary to fight the frizz?

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