Sunday, April 6, 2014

OOTD: Lunch on a Rainy Day

The rain was crazy today but as I was going out to lunch I couldn't just snuggle up in something warm and comfy like track pants. Instead, I threw together this super cute yet still comfortable outfit. The stockings are quite thick, keeping me really warm so the light denim jacket ended up being enough even though the restaurant wasn't heated.

Choosing a hairstyle is always hard so I decided to keep it simple and sweet, like the rest of this outfit. I didn't tie off the ends of my plaits to keep the look soft and casual in keeping with the atmosphere of the restaurant I was heading out to eat at. I'd be a little dubious about doing this again in the rain and wind as they got a little bit more messed up by the end then I would of liked.

Another thing I would of liked to change, if it hadn't been so cold, is the stockings. I would like to wear this outfit with a thinner, nude pair of stockings as I think that could be a bit nicer. There's not much contrast between the boots and the stockings the way I've styled them but it was necessary to keep myself adequately warm. 

What do you think? Is it okay to make compromises to ensure you stay warm or should fashion always come first?

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