Monday, September 15, 2014

A throwback OOTD, and I'm back!...I think

I have allowed blogging as a priority to fall by the wayside as of late - but never fear, super-wide and very far-reaching readership, hope has come! I have renewed vigor in the blogging side of things and present to you yet another OOTD. Let us hope that this vigor remains, for I have many a post for y'all to look forward to. This includes shoe unboxings. Three of them. Yeah, you heard right. Or read, rather....three. I have bought three pairs of glorious shoes that are dying to be featured here. But anyway:

I put this outfit together a while ago - as you can see, this was when I was growing my hair out and hadn't gotten that lovely golden copper balayage through the ends of it yet. This was a time when I was still experimenting with things in my wardrobe, and when I thought my creepers were super edgy and alternative. I now wear them more than my sneakers and flats....they're just a great, solid shoe. And they add height. A whole 2 inches of it. And that, makes a difference.

Additionally, this was also the time I think I was getting as close as I am to my everyday style these days. Clean and simple. Though it's kind of funny thinking about it now, I think I've worn that pleather skirt out a grand total of 2 times in my 3 years of owning it. I am so sentimental with my clothes.

I think I've come a long way in terms of my style. I worry and think less about looking strange or purposely looking like the baddest bad-ass out there, and I'm just dressing for who I am. Even if on that particular day I am competing for the world title of world's laziest slob...

Have you been undergoing some style changes recently? What have you noticed change in yourself, how you feel and the clothing you buy?

I hope you all have a fab week!


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