Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anime, Games & Fashion

As a fashion blog, it's important to note trends and keep on top of popular opinion when it comes to trench coats, galaxy print and cuffed jeans. Sometimes, though, it's important to challenge what people think. Generally in gaming and anime culture, girls are categorised into two groups:
  • Girls who are genuinely interested 
  • Girls who aren't

Which is fine, this is a perfectly natural grouping. However, society has dictated that those in the first group cannot also be interested in fashion and maintaining a nice appearance. Those in the second group will sometimes enter the culture so that they can preen for the boys they are surrounding themselves with. Girls who make an effort can be placed in the second simply because they make an effort to look nice. 

I'd like to suggest that these hobbies and fashion aren't mutually exclusive. There'some pretty obvious ways they coincide. For example, cosplay. Dressing up is turned into an art form and how you present yourself is rather important. Fashion styles, such as lolita, have been inspired by anime.

My generic cosplay for Smash 2012
Part of the reason I think these stereotypes exist is because gaming/anime can take a lot of time. Attending anime marathons or LANs which can run for a few hours may seem like something to pull the tracky dacks out for however being comfortable doesn't mean looking bad, being dirty or being a slob. If I'm going to makesure to present myself when spending hours at university, why would it be any different when I'm hanging out with friends for a long gaming session? 

Are these stereotypes things that have influenced you? Do you think anime, gaming and fashion should always be separate interests? 

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