Saturday, March 29, 2014

OOTD: Mint and Galaxy Print

They say the galaxy print is so last season - I for one am still in love with the print, but I think it's highly dependent on how out there and dramatic the actual galaxy print is. There's so much variety out there in terms on material, type of clothing item and it can make the whole trend in general look a little tacky and, especially now, a little outdated.

With this in mind, I threw together a quick outfit that I think is suitable for a lot of occasions and makes use of a more subtle galaxy print:
Romwe Skirt, SES Mint Cardigan, New Look Flats

I added this mint cardigan for an overall softer look, kept it simple with a singlet and a pair of black flats and completed the look with an adorable hot air balloon necklace, some gold rings and matching nails. The print on the skirt is not very outlandish and out there but I think it's a great centre piece for the outfit with a lot of potential for build-ability (is that even a word?) to suit a number of occasions.

All of the jewellery was from ebay :) what sorts of trends have you seen come and go that actually have a lot of potential beyond its limited seasonal time frame? Or conversely, what sorts of trends do you think should never ever EVER come back?

Happy Saturday and have a fabulous weekend!

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