Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday: My Make-Up Bag

After letting Dot run the show last week, I'm back with another light post to brighten your day. Today, I'm sharing the contents of my personal make-up bag. While I have a second, larger bag storing my entire collection these are my 'go to' items.

My Favourite Items

I actually also keep an eyeliner in the bag usually but as I never wear it, I didn't include it in the shot. It's just so hard to put on (I'm working on it)! My make-up is definitely on the cheap affordable side but it works well with my skin and looks pretty anyway. The eye shadows are my favourites because for a long time people tried to find things that worked and ended up turning me into a zombie, a corpse or the victim of a punch-up. The natural browns, soft silvers and a touch of blue/green have transformed me from a terrible mess to a hot mess!

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