Sunday, August 31, 2014

OOTD: Sugar and Spice, and All Things Nice!

I have returned! Gosh has this semester been busy. I could go on and on about it but who wants to hear me whine about how much trouble I'm having designing a mist eliminator for a desalination plant? Not many people? Good. Let's talk about fun things! :)

So I've been playing a little bit with the concept of 'sugar and spice' - styling a generically sweet or demure outfit with a hint of edge or 'spice', in the form of spikes, studs, leather and other such badassery. This time, I chose a pair of chunky boots which I accidentally received as a hand-me-down, so they won't be in my wardrobe for much longer, but I'll wear them here and there while I still can :P

I chose a winter outfit because it's still damn cold here in Australia! And that dress? Doesn't have a collar. Yes, that's right guys, it's a detachable collar, and it's AWESOME:

I bought this lovely accessory on eBay and use it mostly in the winter, since it's so snug.

So that's my take on the sugar and spice. Do you do anything to spice up your outfits? What can make or break a look?

Until next time,

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